Teen Portrait Gold Coast, 20 under 20 project by Sumico Photography

Teens Portrait by Sumico Photography

Take your teen on a transformational journey
from self-doubt to self-esteem.

Photo shoot behind the scene, Sumico Photography

Does your daughter lack confidence in her appearance? Do you see her taking endless selfies but is never really happy with them? Does she compare herself to other girls and feel she’s not as beautiful? Does she wish she were taller, shorter, thinner, fatter, have less freckles, higher cheekbones, thicker hair, fairer skin?

It can be frustrating to see the child you love become so filled with self-doubt. She’s an intelligent young girl, but it’s sad to hear her be so hard on herself. It’s clear to you and everyone else how beautiful she is, both inside and out, but she struggles to see it. Nothing you do or say can convince her she is perfect exactly as she is; that she has real value and doesn’t have to compare herself with others.

Social media doesn’t help. She is confronted daily with images of how she ‘should’ look, what she ‘should’ wear and what she ‘should’ be doing to be popular or just fit in. She says it doesn’t affect her, but on some level you know it does. Perhaps you even remember back to a time when your own confidence took a beating. It may have been at school or when you entered the workforce, or even later in life as your body changed. You can definitely relate to what she’s going through.

Like many women, of all ages she is blind to her own self-worth. She thinks she has to look a certain way to be accepted. You can see the gorgeous young woman she is, she just struggles to see it herself. And she won’t accept what anyone tells her until she truly can see it. And once she does, magic happens, healing takes place and true transformation begins.

20 Under 20 Project was born!

I’m now looking for participants for my 20 Under 20 Project. If you know your daughter would benefit from a little more self-esteem, a boost to her confidence and to really appreciate her value, then give her this opportunity to participate in something truly transformational. And please, come and join her – not only to support and encourage her, but to do something really special together.

This is quite a unique experience where you get to dress up, be pampered, have a lot of laughs and create some precious memories. When was the last time you spent a super fun day out – just you and your daughter?

This is a very different portrait session that is not just about the photos. It is a journey of self-discovery… for both of you. Imagine sharing this time together and being there when she finally sees herself as she really is – the stunning young woman you love so much. It may be a revealing time for you as well as you also see yourself, not through your own self-doubt, but as your friends and family see you. Stunning!

Even if you decide not to participate, this will be a beautiful gift for your daughter. It will be a day you’ll long remember with photographs that your family will treasure for many years to come.

20 under 20 project by Sumico Photography

Here’s how it works

First we’ll meet for a chat as I want to know a little about you both, about your relationship, your life and what’s important to you. I may ask your daughter her thoughts on school, the world, her dreams and goals. We’ll also chat about what you’re going to wear for the shoot. You can bring your favourite outfits and I have a studio wardrobe you can choose from as well.

Next you’ll have your hair styled and makeup done by our lovely professionals. This is also a great time for your daughter to learn some hairdressing and makeup tips!

Then it’s time for our photo shoot. You’ll have some photos together and some on your own and of course hers will be the only ones featured in the 20 Under 20 Project. We’ll take some in the studio and on location as well – maybe the beach or the local park or in an upmarket café.

If you feel a little awkward at first, don’t worry, that’s normal. I’ll show you how to stand and pose in ways that are flattering. It won’t be long before you start to gain confidence and feel more comfortable and by the end you’ll both be relaxed and having a great time.

Then, you’ll head home after the photo shoot feeling on top of the world while I get to work editing your photos, picking the best ones.

You’ll come back in a few days and we’ll go through your shots together. And don’t be surprised if you get a bit teary. Most people do. Especially as a mother and daughter seeing in your photos that special love that you share.

From there, you can decide which photos you would like to buy. You’ll both love having a keepsake of this lovely time in your life.

What’s most important is how the whole process makes you ‘feel.’ It’s really hard to describe, but every person who has done a photo shoot with me has come away from it feeling happy, feeling valued and feeling more confident. It’s quite life changing.

Mother & Daughter Portrait by Sumico Photography

What do you receive?

The 20 Under 20 Project package can be just for your daughter or you can join her at no extra cost and share this wonderful time together.

You will receive a wonderful package which includes:

  • An initial chat where we’ll talk about you, what outfits you want to wear and which locations will work best.
  • Hair and makeup on the day of the photo shoot where your daughter can learn from the professionals. You will both feel amazing!
  • A fully guided professional photo shoot that will be very special and lots of fun.
  • A viewing session where you will see all your beautiful photographs.
  • You can then buy and own prints to remind her beautiful she is.


I will also keep in touch with you throughout the project with any information and updates and invite you to join the 20 Under 20 Project private Facebook group. This is where Mums and Daughters can connect, see your photos and more.

Teen Portraits by Sumico Photography

How much does it cost?

Your professional mother and daughter photo shoot, including hair and makeup is just $330. This is a saving of $165 off the regular price of $495. If you just want your daughter’s photos taken, the price is still the same. I would encourage you to join her though as it won’t cost you any extra and you can both enjoy this truly wonderful experience together.

Print prices vary depending on the size and quantity. You can save when buying a package. I will go through all prices and package options with you when you make your booking.

Teens studio photo shoot behind the scene

How to apply

20 under 20 project by Sumico Photography | Teen Portrait Gold Coast Behind the Scene

As the project name suggests, it’s limited to the first 20 people under 20. That’s 20 daughters and however many Mums want to join them. Once I have 20 participants, there will be a wait list.

The best thing to do is contact me on 0425 261 729 or fill in the form below.

Framed Wall Portrait Photography by Sumico Photography

20 under 20 project | Maddison

20 under 20 project

20 under 20 project | No. 1 Eliza's 17th Birthday

20 under 20 project | No. 2 Angie

20 under 20 Project | Bella

20 under 20 project | Emma

20 under 20 project | Shannon

I spoke with a woman recently who remembered having a professional photo shoot done when she turned 18. She wanted to continue that tradition and give the same gift to her daughter. It’s a great way to celebrate a special milestone.

Here’s what some of my other clients have said about their photo shoots….

  • Sumi has a winning combination of being very professional, yet down-to-earth. It was an absolute pleasure to be photographed by her, and the results were fantastic.

    50 over 50 project Jenny
    50 over 50 project | Jenny
    50 over 50 project participant
  • Sumico photography deserves more than 5 stars for an outstanding service. So happy to have found Sumi to capture my 29th birthday, All our photos are perfect, high quality and very professionally done!

    Glamour / Beauty Portrait Gold Coast
    Portrait | Eliz
    Portrait Gold Coast
  • I cannot recommend Sumico photography highly enough! I approached Sumi regarding having some photos taken with my mum for her 60th. We decided on a generation glamour photo shoot with my mum, my sister and my 2 girls. Love love love the photos that we got and will treasure them forever! The whole experience was really fun and one I would absolutely do again! Thank you Sumi you’re awesome!!!

    Family Portrait Brisbane
    Family Portrait
    Family Portrait Brisbane
  • Sumi was wonderful, funny, delightful and did the most fabulous job of making me enjoy having pictures done. I’m usually the one who hides from a camera so to say that I really enjoyed the experience is really something. I would recommend the beautiful Sumiko to anyone who wants to revel in feeling special and beautiful for a day. I will be encouraging my adult daughters to have a photo session with Sumi as a Christmas present this year, since I’ve told them what a fun day it was it shouldn’t be too hard to sell them on it…

    50 over 50 project | Jacqui
    50 over 50 project | Jacqui
    50 over 50 project participant
  • Sumiko is a truly Talented Photographer! I have been lucky enough to be part of her 50 women over 50 project exhibition. Her meticulous care with taking my photos was outstanding and her creative flair with each photo was exceptional. If you want a brilliant photographer, I would highly recommend her. Get in quick before she gets too popular to book!

    50 over 50 project Dimitie
    50 over 50 project | Dimitie
    50 over 50 project participant
  • I had the most wonderful experience with Sumiko. She is very talented and was able to capture me to the fullest. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to look and feel beautiful.

    50 over 50 project | Vicki
    50 over 50 project | Vicki
    50 over 50 project Participant
  • Yes, Sumiko is a beautiful photographer makes you feel comfortable while shooting and helps you through the whole session.

    50 over 50 project | Lynda
    50 over 50 project | Lynda
    50 over 50 project participants
  • Highly recommend Sumi as a talented, warm and wonderful woman and a highly skilled photographer. Thank you Sumi, you are amazing.

    50 over 50 project - Jo
    50 over 50 project | Jo
    50 over 50 project participant
  • This outstanding project has been a phenomenal experience for me on a personal level. I have learned that I am much stronger than I thought I was. For the first time in my life, I am proud of me and proud of my achievements. I feel totally empowered.

    50 over 50 project - Rhonda
    50 over 50 project | Rhonda
    50 over 50 project participant
  • I took part in Sumiko’s 50 over 50 project partly as I needed new head-shots for by Acting and Marriage Celebrancy businesses and partly because I thought it was a very interesting and inspiring project.
    We had a preliminary meeting where I took what seemed to me almost my whole wardrobe to select 5 different looks.
    On the day of the photo-shoot we went over the allotted 3 hours, partly because I had bought an extra gown that Sumiko said she would love to capture me in, but I never felt rushed.
    Prior to the photo-shoot I had my hair and make up done by a professional make up artist and started to feel very glamorous.
    I felt relaxed and at ease throughout the photo-shoot and had a great time chatting and being directed to pose.
    I think we had a fun morning together, I know I did.
    And, the photos were AMAZING. I had so many compliments that it has made me accept myself as others see me and graciously accept the compliments which resulted from the magic of the team of Sumico Photography, Ann Ricketts and Rita’s Makeup Artistry
    Thank you Sumiko for a wonderful experience.

    50 over 50 project, Ann
    50 over 50 project | Ann
    50 over 50 project participant
  • Not only was the preparation and attention to detail leading up to my photoshoot outstanding… but the make-up, hair and styling was phenomenal. Sumiko is an extraordinary photographer who has you feeling at ease and she takes the time to understand who are are and what makes you happy. The results of my shoot were absolutely stunning. Thank you very much – Deborah

    Personal Branding Brisbane
    Personal Branding
  • I cannot thank Sumico Photography any more for such an amazing experience and beautiful photos. Sumi did a beautiful photoshoot with my mum, myself and our family dog. She was incredibly patient and professional and the final product of our printed photos were simply stunning! I will recommend Sumico Photography to everyone!!

    Pet Portrait for Mother's Day
    Pet & Family Portrait Brisbane
    Portrait with Pet

A little about me

I grew up in Fukuoka, Japan so life was very different there to what you would experience as a young person here. In my 20’s I worked as a flight attendant and in hospitality before moving to Australia where I landed a great job in tourism on the Gold Coast. Business studies then took me to Sydney where I met my wonderful husband.

From there I started and grew my web design business and we moved to Brisbane where I became a Mum to my darling son who is now 15. I discovered photography later in life and I now love creating beautiful portraits for people of all ages, especially women and their families.

I feel fortunate to have found my passion, what I want to do for the rest of my life. It’s such an honour to be a part of someone’s life – to capture special moments when they are truly shining. I look forward to meeting you and your daughter and capturing some moments together that you will treasure for life.

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Sumiko Eyears, Gold Coast Photographer