Main Beach Smiles 2020

March, April and May events are cancelled.

Main Beach Smiles 2020

Show us your smile Main Beach!

Are you tired of all the negativity and sadness in the world? Let’s do something about it Main Beach! Add your smile to an exciting photography project and inject a little positivity into our community… and beyond.

When was the last time you had a professional portrait taken? For some people, it was at their wedding…decades ago! Here’s an opportunity to spoil yourself with a beautiful, professional portrait while making a little difference in the world.

One Sunday every month will be ‘Smile Day’ at Main Beach. You’re invited to come to Sumico Photography Studio in Tedder Avenue for a 15 minute photo shoot to capture your smile and share it with the world.

Let’s start the new decade with smiles galore!

Why Main Beach Smiles?

I’m Sumiko Eyears, an International award winning photographer with a gorgeous little photography studio at 15 Tedder Ave. Maybe you’ve walked past it? Every day when I venture out into our community I’m greeted with smiles. Perhaps it’s because I’m always smiling that people smile back at me. This one little thing makes my heart sing and I feel happy. For me it’s such a natural thing to do. Maybe you feel the same?

Sadly, for many people it seems there is not much in their life to smile about. I’m sure you know that feeling when you’re not feeling the best and a stranger smiles at you. It instantly picks you up. You feel connected to another human, even if just for a moment. So I started thinking, let’s share OUR smiles Main Beach! If we can send enough smiles throughout 2020, then maybe we can make a different to one person… or to many!

Main Beach Smiles 2020

The more smiles the merrier!

Main Beach Smiles 2020

Men, women and children – everyone is welcome to participate in the project. It takes just 15 minutes for our professional photography session. You can make a time to have your smile portrait taken after breakfast in one of our lovely cafes. Bring someone special with you and each have your portrait taken, or get a group together and book your portrait times so you can enjoy a cuppa in between and talk about your experience.


You’re welcome to invite your spouse, your partner, family, friends – anyone can add their smile and be part of the project. Come with your sister, mother, daughter or best friend.


If you own a Main Beach business, book your whole team in to add their smiles then share the photos out on social media. Smiling businesses attract smiling customers and we would all love more of those!


The aim is simply to bring more happiness to people throughout 2020. You will also be helping bring smiles to sick children and their families through Children’s Hospital Foundation. Read on to see how we do that.


Oh and remember, when you smile, YOU feel better too, so that’s a bonus.

Here’s how it works

First things first – you need to register your interest in being a part of Main Beach Smiles 2020. You can do that by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Next, I’ll send you my calendar of dates and times. It will always be on a Sunday and each session will take 15 minutes. If you want to bring someone with you, just book back to back sessions then catch up at one of the lovely Main Beach cafes afterwards!


On the day of the shoot, you’ll arrive at my lovely studio at 15 Tedder Avenue. It’s up to you what you wear and how you want to have your hair and makeup. My suggestion is to keep it natural and simple, or maybe no makeup at all – just come as you are. Your portrait will be in black and white, so it’s not about what you’re wearing, it’s ALL about your smile.


We’ll have a quick chat about what makes you smile, what you’re grateful for and the reason you want to take part in the project. Your words will be added to your smile portrait and may just bring a smile to someone who reads it.


Then I’ll take a few portraits of you and your beautiful smile. And by the way, I believe EVERYONE’S smile is beautiful! You’ll be able to select which photograph you like best. I know you’ll love them! Within a couple of days you’ll receive your stunning black and white digital portrait by email.


You can then share your fabulous portrait online with friends and family, maybe use it as your new profile photo or have it printed and framed as a special memento or gift.

Main Beach Smiles

What is the cost and what do you receive?

Main Beach Smiles 2020 by Sumico Photography

For a beautiful, professional black and white portrait as part of Main Beach Smiles 2020 it’s just $99 per person. The total value is over $375.

$10 from every portrait will be donated to Children’s Hospital Foundation to bring some smiles to sick children in 2020.


What you receive:

  • One high resolution, digital, black and white photo you can email straight away to family and friends or use on your social media or in your business.
  • A $100 gift voucher you can use at your next portrait or headshot session.
  • An invitation to join the Main Beach Smiles 2020 Facebook group where you can connect with our community of happy, smiling people of Main Beach.
  • If you like more than one of the photos from your session, you can purchase extra digital images for $99 each. (Special promotion price, value at $220)


Please come and join our celebration of smiles by adding your Gold Coast grin to the world. Tell your friends and family to add theirs too.

Let’s see how many smiles we can bring in 2020.

Register your interest here.

Main Beach Smiles 2020

Sumico Photography Studio in Main Beach

Sumico Photography Tedder Avenue, Gold Coast
Sumico Photography Studio Main Beach

Sumico Photography Studio Main Beach, Gold Coast

Address: 8B (upstairs), 15 Tedder Avenue, Main Beach

Mobile: 0425 261 729


I’m so excited to welcome you to Sumico Photography Studio at Main Beach on the Gold Coast. The area offers so many opportunities for beautiful photos.
In the studio we capture stunning portraits with professional backdrops and lighting.
The nearby park or beach offers a more relaxed environment for fun, spontaneous, casual portraits, while Tedder Street is known for its stylish, trendy cafes. Imagine a lifestyle photo of you sipping a latte!

  • Sumi has a winning combination of being very professional, yet down-to-earth. It was an absolute pleasure to be photographed by her, and the results were fantastic.

    50 over 50 project Jenny
    50 over 50 project | Jenny
    50 over 50 project participant
  • Sumico photography deserves more than 5 stars for an outstanding service. So happy to have found Sumi to capture my 29th birthday, All our photos are perfect, high quality and very professionally done!

    Glamour / Beauty Portrait Gold Coast
    Portrait | Eliz
    Portrait Gold Coast
  • I cannot recommend Sumico photography highly enough! I approached Sumi regarding having some photos taken with my mum for her 60th. We decided on a generation glamour photo shoot with my mum, my sister and my 2 girls. Love love love the photos that we got and will treasure them forever! The whole experience was really fun and one I would absolutely do again! Thank you Sumi you’re awesome!!!

    Family Portrait Brisbane
    Family Portrait
    Family Portrait Brisbane
  • Sumi was wonderful, funny, delightful and did the most fabulous job of making me enjoy having pictures done. I’m usually the one who hides from a camera so to say that I really enjoyed the experience is really something. I would recommend the beautiful Sumiko to anyone who wants to revel in feeling special and beautiful for a day. I will be encouraging my adult daughters to have a photo session with Sumi as a Christmas present this year, since I’ve told them what a fun day it was it shouldn’t be too hard to sell them on it…

    50 over 50 project | Jacqui
    50 over 50 project | Jacqui
    50 over 50 project participant
  • Sumiko is a truly Talented Photographer! I have been lucky enough to be part of her 50 women over 50 project exhibition. Her meticulous care with taking my photos was outstanding and her creative flair with each photo was exceptional. If you want a brilliant photographer, I would highly recommend her. Get in quick before she gets too popular to book!

    50 over 50 project Dimitie
    50 over 50 project | Dimitie
    50 over 50 project participant
  • I had the most wonderful experience with Sumiko. She is very talented and was able to capture me to the fullest. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to look and feel beautiful.

    50 over 50 project | Vicki
    50 over 50 project | Vicki
    50 over 50 project Participant
  • Yes, Sumiko is a beautiful photographer makes you feel comfortable while shooting and helps you through the whole session.

    50 over 50 project | Lynda
    50 over 50 project | Lynda
    50 over 50 project participants
  • Highly recommend Sumi as a talented, warm and wonderful woman and a highly skilled photographer. Thank you Sumi, you are amazing.

    50 over 50 project - Jo
    50 over 50 project | Jo
    50 over 50 project participant
  • This outstanding project has been a phenomenal experience for me on a personal level. I have learned that I am much stronger than I thought I was. For the first time in my life, I am proud of me and proud of my achievements. I feel totally empowered.

    50 over 50 project - Rhonda
    50 over 50 project | Rhonda
    50 over 50 project participant
  • I took part in Sumiko’s 50 over 50 project partly as I needed new head-shots for by Acting and Marriage Celebrancy businesses and partly because I thought it was a very interesting and inspiring project.
    We had a preliminary meeting where I took what seemed to me almost my whole wardrobe to select 5 different looks.
    On the day of the photo-shoot we went over the allotted 3 hours, partly because I had bought an extra gown that Sumiko said she would love to capture me in, but I never felt rushed.
    Prior to the photo-shoot I had my hair and make up done by a professional make up artist and started to feel very glamorous.
    I felt relaxed and at ease throughout the photo-shoot and had a great time chatting and being directed to pose.
    I think we had a fun morning together, I know I did.
    And, the photos were AMAZING. I had so many compliments that it has made me accept myself as others see me and graciously accept the compliments which resulted from the magic of the team of Sumico Photography, Ann Ricketts and Rita’s Makeup Artistry
    Thank you Sumiko for a wonderful experience.

    50 over 50 project, Ann
    50 over 50 project | Ann
    50 over 50 project participant
  • Not only was the preparation and attention to detail leading up to my photoshoot outstanding… but the make-up, hair and styling was phenomenal. Sumiko is an extraordinary photographer who has you feeling at ease and she takes the time to understand who are are and what makes you happy. The results of my shoot were absolutely stunning. Thank you very much – Deborah

    Personal Branding Brisbane
    Personal Branding
  • I cannot thank Sumico Photography any more for such an amazing experience and beautiful photos. Sumi did a beautiful photoshoot with my mum, myself and our family dog. She was incredibly patient and professional and the final product of our printed photos were simply stunning! I will recommend Sumico Photography to everyone!!

    Pet Portrait for Mother's Day
    Pet & Family Portrait Brisbane
    Portrait with Pet
  • Sumi creates a customized photoshoot for me. I am not a dancer, but I like to dance a lot and she was able to guide me all the way long to create amazing portraits. I trust her with two creative photoshoots during my stay in Australia, and I was delighted by the result. She is creative, she listen your need and she is one of the most kind human being I know. You feel at home in her studio and her makeup team make you feel like a million buck. She has got tulle, lot of props and outfits… You can let her know what you desire and she will create something that suits who you are. I love the photographies she created for me as much as the experience. As a fellow photographer, I was honored to have my photographies taken by her and if you do not know who to adress in Brisbane/Gold coast area, give your trust to Sumi. – Lily

    Portrait Masters Bronze Award
    Creative Portrait Session
  • I cannot recommend Sumico photography highly enough! I approached Sumi regarding having some photos taken with my mum for her 60th. We decided on a generation glamour photo shoot with my mum, my sister and my 2 girls. Love love love the photos that we got and will treasure them forever! The whole experience was really fun and one I would absolutely do again! Thank you Sumi you’re awesome!!!

    Family Portrait Brisbane
    3 Generations Photoshoot Brisbane
  • Without a doubt, I recommend Sumico Photography 100%. Sumi is not only a great photographer, but also a wonderful person. She accommodated all my requests for my shoot without hesitation. All our photos came out perfect! She is now our family’s photographer and will be photographing all our milestones in life. Thank you Sumi for an outstanding service!

    Glamour / Beauty Portrait Gold Coast
    Family Portrait | Personal Branding
  • I was overwhelmed and overjoyed to receive the box with our lovely memories on it…
    I was emotional watching the video you made us. At least in my lifetime, I had a legacy to leave behind my daughter’s memory with me and us together.
    All captured by “Sumico Photography”… THANK YOU, Sumi

    50 plus Glamour Portrait
    Mother & Daughter Portrait Gold Coast
  • Sumico has taken a lot of photographs for me and as well as being very worthwhile because of the great results it was a lot of fun. Because Sumico is so passionate about what she does she explains why certain looks are best and is particular with each photo shoot. As well as photographs of myself personally Sumico has accompanied me on some of my styling jobs including a workshop that I held as a community event recently. I highly recommend Sumico photography especially for glamour and business portraits.

    Personal Branding Headshot
    Glamour Portraits, Headshots, Photoshoots for Business | Brisbane
  • Sumico is so talented made me feel comfortable relaxed and having fun to be able to dance while I was being photographed was a great feeling. Thank you for the fabulous captures in my photos. I can recommend Sumico for the photography you will not regret.

    Glamour Portrait Brsibane
    Business Headshot & Portrait| Brisbane Southside
  • I had profile photo shot and maternity photo shoot.
    They came out fantastic looking.
    I love her imaginative photo as well as video.
    Thank you very much for your effort.

    Headshots | Maternity Portrait
  • I really enjoyed Sumico’s photo session for my glamour and business portraits. Sumico made me relaxed environment during the session as it was my really first time doing so. My daughter particularly loved the glamour portrait. I had lots of nice comments on business portrait from my colleagues as we use personal photo for internal communication tool. Thank you so much Sumico Photography!

    Glamour Portrait
    Business Headshots | Glamour

Sumiko Eyears, Photographer

Sumiko Eyears, Photographer

I grew up in Fukuoka, Japan and have been living an Australian life since 1990.

I started photography later in life and am loving it! I am passionate about photography. I want to empower my clients, boost their confidence and bring positivity to the world through my camera lens. It’s such an honour to be a part of someone’s life – to capture special moments when they are truly shining.

In October 2019 I opened my photography studio in Tedder Avenue, Main Beach on the Gold Coast. I love where my studio is located – right in the heart of a vibrant community and surrounded by such beauty.

I also love smiling and receiving a smile back from my family, friends, even people on the street who often compliment me on my big smile. It’s a universal language that breaks down the barriers between people. I believe in the power of smiles to make people happy.

My aim with this project is to capture as many smiles as possible. I look forward to welcoming you to my studio to capture your beautiful smile.

the Portrait Masters Bronze Awards 2019 Portrait Masters Bronze Awards 2018ortrait Masters Bronze Awards