This is Courtney who is a university student in Brisbane.  She involved with volunteering works.  She goes to numbers of events through her volunteering work and fundraising activities, she has numbers of beautiful dresses.

I asked her to try the dresses which I made as well.

She is very beautiful, elegant and classy and I thought that Dior kind of styling would suits her. Using black satin ribbons make a Dior kind of styling, I aimed.

Just before I took her photos, I saw Australian Marie Claire May 2016 Cover, Gwyneth Paltrow – in a white dress with pink background and I loved it. I painted polystyrene board in pink colour and prepared them for the photo shooting with Courtney.  Courtney had a white long dress which was perfect.

My aim to this session was Fashion Magazine style portraits.  She looks like a professional model here.  We tried different looks – with dresses, backgrounds, blowing hair and it was extremely fun things to do.

I like the photos of her hair blowing away from her face.  I like to try this for everyone who has long hair.

I really enjoyed the photography session with her.

Her photographs by me were featured in a New York based magazine called “Revuu”.


Please bring the dresses you love at the photography sessions with Sumico Photography.  I love to tailor your photography session to suit your interests and style.  Contact us today on 0425 261 729 or fill in the form.  Thank you 🙂

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