Glamour Photography is an absolutely amazing experience and I want every woman to experience it.

I was so excited about the shooting as I know that it will be a great photography session.

Moana is an image consultant, personal stylist and beauty therapist. She knows what makes her look the best.

Moana has two beautiful daughters and five gorgeous grandchildren.

Moana is  beautiful inside and outside.  She is elegant, stylish, charming, caring, inspirational and creative and I can see her beautiful characters are in the photography.

Prior to the photography session,I asked Moana to send me some dresses which she may wear at the session. We discussed the themes and we agreed to 1950 movie stars – Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn. We exchanged the inspiration via Pinterest.  Here is my 1950 movie stars board in the Pinterest.

We worked with Josleen Makeup Professional, she applied Moana’s makeup.  Josleen used airbrush foundation and it made an huge difference for appearance of skin. Prior to the session, I have sent the theme and images of Elizabeth Taylor and her dresses. Josleen applied makeup to suit all outfits.  Makeup is a huge part of having beautiful portraits.  I highly recommend to book a professional makeup artist.

Sumico Photography interviewed Moana after the Glamour Photography Session.

Moana talks about her experience in this video.

We like to capture beauty in you at any stage of your life.

Sumico Eyears at Sumico Photography provides an experience first of all that is fun and professional. Sumico knows her stuff! You feel that you are part of a team to create something special – The results speak for themselves when you see the photographs. Because Sumico is so passionate about what she does there is a real interest in what you want to achieve in the photography session. There is discussion first about the type of theme you want to create (or the feeling that you want to have around the photos). The main huge benefit is that you look like YOU in the photographs. Highly recommend a photography session with Sumico Photography.

Sumico Photography provides Glamour portraits services in Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast areas.


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